Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fat Factor

I've left my blog hanging for about two months now. Really didn't know what to write about. My sad life revolves around the daily routine of waking up, breakfast, tv, laundry, internet, cooking. I feel like a hermit who just doesn't care about the world anymore. Haha. Nothing interesting happening, so nothing interesting to blog about. One thing that shocked me was, last Friday Cha and I went out for lunch and as I stepped out into the sun, my eyes hurt and my skin felt like it was jumping for joy. And then I realised, I haven't seen the sun for the past five days! Gosh!

I know it's bad, but I really don't have a reason to leave the apartment. Other than taking out the rubbish and buying some stuff at the groceries. Even this I seem to do when the sun has set! And I would SO LOVE to go jalan-jalan at the malls, even just for window shopping. But I live so bloody far from the city that taxis would cost a bomb. My husband leaves for work so early in the morning I just can't picture myself waiting around for the shops to open. Aaaannddd.. there's the money factor. As I have yet to be employed, we can't afford to be spending unnecessarily.

So, back to my blog title. No, I'm not getting fat. Eventhough I have bound myself to the confines of my apartment, I have been eating healthily (grains, oats, fruits, veggies. And we have not had rice for more than two weeks now) and I do light exercise everyday (like push ups and sit ups and stuff). What I wanted to talk about is how weight seems to be the center of all conversation these days.

What made me want to write about this is the recent news about Jessica Simpson's weight problem. Its everywhere on the tv. What's the big deal anyway? If you're a fan of hers, good for you. If you're no more a fan coz she put on weight, then go find someone else to be a fan of. Just leave her be. I don't know why they have to get all hyped up. But then again, she's a celebrity. Who is always under the eye of scrutiny and whose little stories like this will bring much fortune to people like the paparazzi and the magazines. So is it ok to talk about her coz she's a celeb? Because she chose the life that got her recognised all over the world? Everyone knows you, everyone will talk about you.

But what about people who aren't celebs? The media has made weight issues the centre of everyones lifestyle that everyone ALWAYS has something to say weather you're gaining weight or losing weight. And what hurts the most is that people do that to people they call friends.

I have a lot of experience on this. And I want to make it clear, I AM NOT FAT! I've never thought I was fat. But sometimes what people say to you makes you think you are. And that's sad. I had no problems in high school. Everyone was happy and everybody loved everybody. Nobody really cared who was thin and who was fat.

Then I went to college. I had never experienced the minds and thinkings of people outside the girls school I went to. And they were harsh. I guess I put on a bit of weight 2 years into college and the shallow minded male friends of mine started asking me, 'Why are you getting fat?'.

Its a known fact that guys always pick on girls when they see one of us putting on some weight. But the sad things is, I have girl friends who do the same. And this has carried on and on and on and is still going on. I have Facebook pictures with friends commenting on how I have put on weight, how my husband has put on weight or how a friend in my pictures has put on weight. Then I browse through pictures of other friends and see similar comments from other people as well. Is this how shallow of a person we are? That the only thing we care about our friends is that how he or she has put on weight?! Do you even care weather they are happy or not and if they have a good life or not?

And it really, really pisses me off to have friends stare and smirk and sometimes comment when your friends are trying to eat or do the same thing on what they are eating. Please, grow up!! I had a friend do that to me, something I did not expect from an over 30 year old person.

I guess I'm venting my frustrations because like I said before, I really don't think I am fat. But when friends imply that I am, it really does effect my self esteem. And I know I'm not the only one. So to all of you who are reading this, please love and respect your friends for who they are. And when you find you are about to say something about your friend's weight, stop and swallow it! Unless of course, the weight problem is effecting your friend's health.

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Zurien said...

hahaha! apeeee yg u mengarut ni motz? ;D *kidding!* yeah... i get what u mean when ppl like to point out that someone's getting fat! so what if someone's getting fatter anyway, right? well maybe they're miserable with themselves and misery loves company? ntahla...
tapi cam Jessica Simpson tu... org musykil kot... like dulu die bersungguh2 jaga badan... apsal skarang die naik plak? hah! maybe she's preggers??? hehehehe spekulasi....
(comment i ni dah hampir same panjang ngan blog u :P )