Thursday, September 25, 2008

Food for Raya

I made biscuits yesterday! Successfully. :D Although for the life of me, I couldn't shape the biscuits into the shape of cashews as the biscuits are made of ground cashew nuts. The recipe said to shape the dough into the shape of cashews. But I say, the cashews are already grounded. So my biscuits will be flat rounds! And they taste great. So there.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just around the corner and I just wanted to get in the mood. Although this is our first Raya as husband and wife, sadly we won't be going back to Malaysia to celebrate with family and friends. But I guess that's ok. It's an experience, right? And I'll be cooking yummy dishes for Hari Raya just like we do in Malaysia. We're planning where to go 'jalan-jalan' for this short hols. Maybe take a trip to Abu Dhabi.

Tonight, a few friends are coming over for iftar (buka puasa). I'm cooking Nasi Ayam and lasagna. I'm starting to get really good at cooking. Considering I don't really cook much back in Malaysia. Living overseas teaches (actually, forces) you to be independant and try new things. Food was readily available everywhere in Malaysia. And at really cheap prices. Ready cooked food in Dubai is absurdly expensive, hence the home cooking I do now.

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